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"I slept for what felt like days. Or even weeks. When I woke up, I was in my bedroom. But...this isn't my house. Or at least it's not mine anymore." You muttered this to yourself literally seconds later after you woke up with a limp leg, unsure what to do with little knowledge to what mediocrity is up ahead.
You know as a matter of fact that you may have to figure things out on your own, and you really want to know whenever you should try and get out or stay.


"Not My House" is an experimental horror fangame based on Dan Fornace's "Rivals of Aether" made as a short "Halloween special" starring an unidentified person with a limp leg covered behind several sprites and aswell as some unusual guests.

Or should I say the new house owners in this case?

I don't know. It's a small game that just exists - it was done to fulfil my desire to create a first actual fangame to a game I am sure most people have probably never heard of (well...not until the Workshop feature went into the Steam Beta Branch, apparently). I don't expect it to do well (from both critical and popularity points of view), but I am just more than happy to get at least something out there.

To quickly summarize the origins behind this game, I made it as an unofficial (although intentionally mediocre) alternative for some people, who (I AM NOT SURE IF THEY WERE JOKING OR NOT, BUUUUUT-) weren't satisfied with an April Fools game Dan Fornace released on Steam just because of the "Psychological Horror" tag used for humorous reasons (mostly "bleh-bleh-bleh-ur-a-furry-ahahaha-laugh" ones), assumingly misleading them that the game would take a cliché twist a-la "Doki Doki Literature Club" style.

So yeah, here you go. Are you folks happy? Now please leave Dan alone and let him port Rivals to Switch already, you cucks.

Fun fact: I actually planned to do it for a whole year now! Can you believe this?

I actually cannot confirm on whenever I will be making a bigger and better horror themed Rivals of Aether fangame project (because, well, I am kind of already working on a more original and intentionally (but not like "broken code" intentionally) wonkier project that already is taking enough time), but if there's a positive demand for it, I'll try to find time to work on another game.

But for now, I hope you enjoy this tiny .exe wannabe! :D


Created and developed by Nickolai Filipanov in Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Based on a game by Dan Fornace & the "Rivals Team".

Quick Disclosure: This is a game that was complete in barely a few weeks, and it's not a full representation of my programming ability - it's made for non-profit fun [therefore the ads are disabled on this page (like Google would allow ads on mature-only areas of the web anyway lol)], entertainment purposes, and all that fun happy yum-yum jazz. Several characters seen in the game belong to their respective owners and I do not intent to infringe any copyright laws and policies.



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